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Posted by on 2012/10/11 under Friends

I smile all the time, and when I cant, I look away from them, My friends. Im a broken person, so I dont want them to see me like that. But when I couldnt hold it today and walked out of class, then had a Panic attack… I still went back in and smiled. They starred at my red rimmed eyes and knew I cried so they hugged me. I hate when people act like they care, so I had another panic attack right there. After that, they saw me as fragile and were cautious around me. An hour, I calmed down. Then it was back to half ignoring me. Thanks guys, for proving you care about me…. Only for an hour. I might not want the to treat me differently, but I dont want them to 3rd wheel me.

One thought on “Look At ME

  1. fuck says:

    You obviously have no clue about real life then, hopefully you’ll die soon.

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