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Posted by on 2012/10/07 under Friends

I have a friend called Angelina and she just came to the school this year.she dated one of the most popular boys who is known as a player he is called Cameron. But i didnt know angelina at this time and i had a crush on angelina. While they were dating, but they were never proper gf and bf. Anyway we became really close. Gradually cameron told her he just wanted to be friends, she was sad but than started dating another boy.
Than i started talking to cameron online. I asked angelina one day what she wouldvdo if i spoke or went out with cameron she said she wouldnt care she has the other guy now. Sovi spoke to charlie and one night he rang me. Ivrejected his calls for a while not wanting to betray angelina even thoguh she apparently didnt mind. But he kept calling and eventually i picked up. i told him of my feelings and how i liked him. Some how he changed the conversation to sex talking…..he told me what he had done with girls and that he had sex. i hadnt done anything with boys and felt pressured. he than said i have a free house saturday come over? stupid and vunrebule i said yes. Than we agreed to be friends with benefits. he asked to me give him a blow jobvand than asked if he could finger me. I was unsure at first coz of angelina but than he told me he did all thatvwith angleina so somehow it made me feel like i was allowed. So i agreed he said he wanted sex but i said no.
Than we stared having sex talk over the phone. The nextvday we had to pretend we didnt know eachother at school, anyway kourtney my feiend saw our messages coz i accidently left myself logged in on her comp at our sleepover. She told angelina and now angelina hates me she said she can never trust me again. Me and cameron called everything of.
Now i realise he was an ass taking advantage of me and i lost a friend. what do i do??:( part of me thinks ots not my fault she is over reacting, am i bad or did i not do anything wrong???????
what do i do i nned to gain her trust again help!!!!!!!!!!

2 thoughts on “Im sorry i made a mistake:(

  1. Anonymous says:

    You did make a mistake, but not towards your friendship. She told you that it would be alright, and so you went ahead with her permission. On the other hand, this boy obviously didn’t care about you. He didn’t want a relationship, which should have been obvious from the get-go. He took advantage of you. HOWEVER, there’s nothing you can do about that now except learn and move on. Apologize to Angelina, and say you’re sorry you hurt her and you never would have done it if she hadn’t said it was alright, and then never talk to that other boy ever again.

  2. Jerry says:

    Hey what school do you go to? If you don’t mind me asking.

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