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Posted by on 2012/09/27 under Friends

it always starts with my most loved ones. they all end up leaving me. it hurts. no one sees anything in me worth staying for. i always wonder if there is someone there that will stay. someone that i think is just as great. the most recent one i’ve been loosing is my best friend. yeah he’s a year younger and we’re both kinda caught up in school and our social lives, but over this summer i seriously don’t know what i would’ve done if he wasn’t always there for me. before school started he asked me if i would forget about him. he confessed he didn’t wanna loose me and he was worried we wouldn’t be close anymore because i would be so busy. i assured him i’d talk to him just as much as i did at the time and everything would stay the same. the way things are now, i feel like i should be the one saying that to him… he’s no longer making the effort. we rarely talk and if we do not much is said. i can’t loose someone else. not when things are getting bad again. i want this to change. i NEED this to change.

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  1. Alyssa says:

    You feel betrayed and never know who will leave you next. Find someone you can trust and tell he/she how you feel.

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