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Posted by on 2012/09/13 under Friends

i recently transferred to a new school.everybody knows being the new kid is hard but the people in my new school is making everything 100000000000000000x harder for me.its been only 3 months of school since it started i’m already being backstabbed :(((( its too painful,having no friends

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  1. Anonymous says:

    It IS painful having no friends! I don’t personally have experience being “the new kid” at a school, but I always envisioned how hard and horrible it is. Mostly because of all the movies that are made about being the new kid and what not. However, YOU WILL GET THROUGH IT. Being new, you don’t know who to trust. It’s hard judging who to believe, trust, etc. Pretty much you have to move forward with your guard up. Be careful who you tell personal things to or what you say about other people. My best advice… be a people watcher. Instead of getting into conversations or gossip, just sit back a take it all in. Watch people and their reactions or facial expressions. You’ll be stronger once you observe the people around you and really get to know who they really are and that can help you pick out who you really want to be friends with based on how they act, what they talk about, etc. Just remember… TIME WILL PASS. middle/high school won’t last forever! Take it for what it is and just know that life will get better and your not alone out there!!!!!

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