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Posted by on 2012/06/20 under Friends

lost 2 friends yesterday..she was my best friend threw school this year. i lived at her house pretty mnahuch all year and i stopped going there for awhile and then she just turned into a total bishh she started going after all my ex boyfriends also my current boyfriend.. she called me yesterday and said come get your things or im throwing them away. and i just cant stand her anymore, she gets a attuide with everyone and stalks brendin.0.o like wtf yeah he’s sexy dont need to follow him onto the boys bathroom?! anyways, i texted my friend and asked her if she wanted me an david to break up.. she blew off on my an now we dont talk either.. but i just have the feeling he’ll end up leaving me for her..</3 and he thinks im cheating… please someone help

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  1. Anonymous says:

    First your not alone. I had the same ‘friends’. I choose to be nice to them even when they are mean. When I mean nice I mean saying hi every morning or saying she has a nice shirt things like that. It will completely throw her off and make her look like a fool. Now for your boyfriend issue. Look him straight in the eyes and say “I’m not cheating” tell him everything on your mind. if he leaves than he wasn’t worth it and you could do much better.

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