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Posted by on 2012/05/10 under Friends

I see you sitting on gchat ALL the time…EVERYDAY now…You spoke to me first. I spoke to you the 2nd time…I’m not about to re-initiate it again. That’s when I feel like I’m annoying/bothering you. I want to ask you how the GMAT went. I want to know if you enjoyed your reunion weekend here. I want to know WHY you decided to chat me out of the blue like you did after almost 2 years of NOT talking…Do you miss me? Did you talk to me to find out if I had a boyfriend? You always have a reason for the things you do. You’re not just “curious”.

I miss you. I miss our friendship. I really do. It’s been so long. I miss who you WERE. I just want to go back to that time. I want to be around you, up under you, near you…Too bad things change. Just hope you know I miss you.

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