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Posted by on 2011/06/29 under Friends

You have so much potential within you and you have a heart greater than anyone I have ever met. You have a since of compassion and humor that is one of your most amazing traits. The ease you have with people when you talk to them and instantly become friends is something I can’t help, but be jealous. You’re charisma and charm is what made you perfect. I look at you and wish that I could be half the person you are becoming. But somewhere along the way, you have lost yourself and that heart I loved. You are back to the old you. The drunken you. The patheic, unconfident, jackass of a man you used to be. Don’t stoop that low and play those games. You’re better than that. I know you. I knew you better than anyone. That’s not you. It’s an act. Grow up and get past this horrible phase. It breaks my heart to see you now, choosing to be a horrible human being and almost forcing yourself to be the beautiful person you are. It’s the most disappointing thing about losing you as not only as a first love, but as my best friend in the world. I thought in the end, you would have stayed the same and I would be jealous of the next girl who stole your heart, but now I pity her and wish you she would be lucky enough to see the real you. I cried every day for three months about you. I couldn’t eat or sleep. I felt like my body was dying. Now seeing you I feel embarrassed to have ever felt that way. But I will still miss everything we had and always will. I loved you. I miss the old you.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh hun, i’m sorry this happened to you. I’ve gone through the same thing, I feel the exact same way, but trust me give it time, things maybe not always seem great at the time but trust that within time life has a weird, hurtful, and funny way of working itself out for the best. If he’s your true bestfriend he’ll come back, even if it’ll take some time. And if he was your first love, time will heal everything and sooner or later the missing him will go away, but I can’t promise you you’ll forget him, because I doubt you ever will. Good luck and stay strong.

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