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Posted by on 2020/01/11 under Friends

I walk around the corner, and I see him. His eyes are so cute he looks so adorable when he laughs, his smile brightens the day and his whole aura is positive and happy. Yes, I really like him, I feel so helpless when we make eye contact and we can't hold it because we aren't sure how eachother feel, he looks back whenever he leaves and I look back whenever I leave. I stare at him when he isn't looking and I get a sense of panick of some sort, when he oookd at me as I quickly move my eyes so he doesn't catch me. Although I want to have a conversation, it pains me that I would have to be the one to start it. Yesterday I was in class and we are in different sets, he knows which class I am in and so my teacher let us out late to lunch and I walk out, and he's there, trying to be funny, possibly forgetting that I am in there, and I walk out and he's there saying to everyone who comes through the door "you're late" and as soon as he sees me, he stops and stares, and I walk past him and wait for my friend who knows I like him. She walks out and looks at him then at me, and laughs, I laugh too, and we walk away around the corner. That lunch time I went to, what we call the quad, with some other friends who doesn't know about him and he goes there too for lunch and then my friends from earlier comes and the first thing she says to me? "Can he stop staring at you" and I blush and from then on, me and him just kept making eye contact while smiling at each other, so there it is, I like this boy and he's adorable 🙂

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