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Posted by on 2019/05/05 under Friends

All of my 'friends' are bullying me, they told me to leave, so I did, and now they won't leave me alone, they keep following me around the school, asking me weird questions like "(my name) what's your favorite pokemon?" They asked me this repeatedly, just to annoy me, and smirking every time I told them to go away, they wouldn't leave me alone, so I just need to ignore them, and look on the bright side, I've returned to my best friends, whom I left during classes being changed, and I'm glad they took me back, now they protect me, in a sense, from the other people. I'm very excited because we are all going to Thorpe Park, and it's gonna be great, it would be really embarrasing if one of them saw this, oof.

One thought on “ha they left, im free

  1. Anonymous says:

    hang in there, keep the friends close, and enemies closer so you know whats going on and how to counter.

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