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Posted by on 2019/03/10 under Friends

I wish I could have stopped you from saying, "I do". I wish I had tried harder to ask you not to. I wish you had told me before how you felt. I wish it hadn't taken you this long to be honest. I wish i hadn't pulled away. i wish i hadn't let you pull away. It's too late now but I'm relieved it wasn't all in my head. I'm still happy you called, i never thought i'd hear you tell me that you loved me again. That "I love you" meant the world to me. I replay it in my head and now i wish you all the best. I can stop feeling bitter just knowing you're not gone forever.

One thought on “i wish

  1. Anonymous says:

    That must hurt so bad… Go after what you love is what I’d say but I’ve learned that you can’t always do that, I learned it the hard way. So I’ll just say this, be patient and do what feels right

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