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Posted by on 2018/09/16 under Friends

you put me in a s***ty mood whenever i think of you. guess morgan is not so good for me now. she was such a great friend, we did everything together, but then she left without saying why. changed her phone number blocked me off social media and never told me why. fell in loved and had kids and forgot about me. morgan sucks because morgan hurts me everyday. if i did something wrong it'd be nice to know, but you didnt put any effort. you literally got up and left. hope you never come back because all it would do is hurt my feelings even more. i only wished i never meant you. so enjoy that fact, literally wish i never met you. now, all i do is hurt when i think of you or see a picture of you. way to be a somebody even you would hate. yet, i dont hate you. that's not me. that's all you. goodbye. maybe if you were who i thought you were, i'd at least get a reason. but turns out, you are less than even that. i could go on and use really mean words, but it wouldn't change anything. i just wish i could forget you. so many questions. so many f***ing questions. maybe you just wanted to start over. if so, um, did you forget starting over means hurting me real real bad? just kidding, i know you already knew that. you knew it'd hurt me. matter what way you look at it, im the looser and you're the winner. i can not forgive you. i would engage you, but it's been over a year at this point. im dead inside.

2 thoughts on “you faded away and now im hurt

  1. Anonymous says:

    Welcome to reality. People dump people all the time and don’t own them explanations.

    Deal with it, Accept it and……..Move on!

  2. Anonymous says:

    people suck. they only thing to do is try and keep yourself busy otherwise you’ll go insane thinking about it.

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