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fighting parents

Posted by on 2018/05/15 under Friends

when your parents are fighting don't be afraid to tell them to stop and that their not just hurting each other their also hurting their kids because they are needing to share happiness and love and when they fight that causes their children to misbehave at school, and home and it also might cause then to be depressed and they might run away so if you have a best friend going threw the same thing don't be afraid to say something to them and tell then that she, or he needs to stick up to there parents. Because my bestfriend is going threw the same thing and this website helps a lot not at school but at home last night her mom and dad got into a big fight and she and her big sister were trying to get them to stop or just my bestfriend trying to get them to stop but they kept on and went out side so that way they cant see them fight or if that's what they think but they say everything and I was trying to tell her good job for sticking up to her mom and dad and that things were going to get better.

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