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Posted by on 2018/05/14 under Friends

So a lot of people ae cutting them self. And I know more than half of them are just doing it just for attention which is stupid and I now that it could go wrong like someone taking it very bad and then they tell a teacher and it would get to their mom and dad and then so on. But it all started with my best friend and which she is very popular so what ever she does everyone else would do and that is exactly what happened she started and I don't even know why because she has a perfect life at school right. So when she first started me and a few other friends tried to get her to stop but she didn't. were only in the 6th grade and its are first year in middle schools when I realized that she wasn't going to stop I tried something knew is started to make fake marks on me to make it look I was cutting and I told her if she stops then I will but that didn't get her to stop at all and at this point I was wondering what was making her not listen to her best friend and keep on cutting her self and what was bothering her so much. Then she starts showing me 1 or2 songs that she had made and it made me want to cry because it was very touching because it was talking about her death. And then she said something about her mom being abusive and I was like that's why she's not listening to me and so a few months past and then one morning at school before the bell rang she said that she tried to choke her self with a belt and she stopped because she thought about me. And I almost cried right then right there. so about 3 or 4 months past and something happened so I wrote a note about her my best friend and I was showing my other best friend because were all just really close with each other and one of my teachers saw but at this time a bunch of teachers say this is only about 3 weeks ago not long the teacher saw the not I was hoping I gave her the note that was talking about my best friend who was cutting her self to the teacher and I did I started to cry when my best friend told me she was reading it and I went up to her and looked at the note and then realized that that's the note talking about best friend

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I wrote this along time ago and all it did was make me and my bestfriend lexi way closer were in the 7th grade now and havsnt cut scince

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