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Posted by on 2017/03/31 under Friends

I am 14 yrs old struggling from life snice 2012 from when something really bad happened i don’t want disclose today in morning my parents started hitting me for no reason yesterday i fought with my mom for reason snice past 4 days my bed had broken i could hardly sleep on bed past four days i am not sleeping she is not at all caring that is my child sleeping properly or no past 4 day i am telling her plz call the carpenter still she is not listening. in the morning i again begged her and then my both of my parents started hitting me really bad.I am not good at school to because they pick me half year from one school and then put into half year into an other school from which gardes came really bad which they hit me hard.
just wanted write it down

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Ah you poor little thing. Life will get better sweetheart just hang in there. It’s not easy at all being 14.
    Wait and you’ll see, when you’re 20 you’ll go out and earn money and have everything you want. You think that will never happen but trust me it will.
    Don’t forget too God is always with you. I will keep you in my prayers but please trust me, better times are around the corner.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have been through similar kind of situations. I am 24 now and clearly not F***ING GOD has helped to get out of such s***tt. I have only 1 advice for you just ignore and if you can’t ignore change the situation yourself by clearly asking your parents to sort out all these troublesome matters !

  3. Bill says:

    dude im so sorry no offense but your parents areMEAN

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