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Posted by on 2017/03/31 under Friends

Looking for a place
Where everywhere you’ve been
And everywhere you go
Is there

Looking for a place
Where all the souls you’ve touched
All the smiles you’ve made
Greet you once again

Looking for a place
Where night slips into day
The two become the same
A river reaching the sea

Looking for a place
Where all the pain you’ve felt
Is joy that never leaves
A small price to pay

…for being here

One thought on “Looking for a place

  1. Cody says:

    Y cant everyone understand no matter what tour skin color ior what gender you are you are profiled? Long haired ppl get profiled as druggies short haired young white males as criminals overweight white woman as black or mexican lovers young black males as criminals. It doesn’t matter your skin color or sex you will be judged its what ppl do. Show them you aren’t what you are judged as cant we all do that? Im tired of the racism ruling the headlines.WE SHOULD ALL BE BETTER THAN THAT!!! But we aren’t. We want to bring race into the issue when it benefits us personally. I myself am a young white male but have been pulled over simply because i was a young short haired male but im not trying to make national headlines over it because i get it. People get profiled… Dern lets get over it already no matter what your race or sex is lets make this world a better place by understanding we are all profiled everyday of our lives by people we dont know because thats what humans do!!!! Yes there are racists out there of EVERY COLOR but that will never change!! Stop pinning races against each other and lets unite!!!

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