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Posted by on 2011/12/26 under Friends

Ugh Im so frustrated! I have no friends! I have moved around a lot! So its no that Im unsocial its just.. Well a lot of people like me as a friend but I really cant stand them! All my “friends” are whores, or girls who think their way better than everyone. You cant trust them and ugh.. I want a friend! Sometimes I wonder if I should just act fake too so I can have friends… No Im not perfect, Ive made plenty of mistakes.. but I know how to be a friend! God please help me! )’:

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I know how you feel! ): I’ve moved around alot and the only thing I want is a friend that I’ve know since we were little kids, but I don’t know anyone who’s known me for that long. :\ I just wish there was someone I could trust and I can’t really talk to my parents about my problems cause all they’re gonna do is give me a speech about how this and that and everything is wrong. I just want someone to LISTEN and let me know that everything is okay…

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