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Posted by on 2014/08/10 under Friends

I feel like I have no purpose. I’m extremely interested in fashion and finding my style and creating a perfect wardrobe. I also love makeup, everyday transforming myself into a better version of myself. But all for what? That I do not know. I have few friends. I have a boyfriend and a job and school which takes up most of my time. I just find it so difficult not having friends. I mean, there’s people I talk to and think are my friends but then they will host parties and not invite me. In elementary school, it was the same story. I was so hopeful for high school and thought I’d be making so many friends. Only to find out I was completely wrong. Here I am, last year of high school and I still haven’t found a set group of friends. I’m trying to be hopeful for university but i know its going to be the exact same story.. Which honestly this brings tears to my eyes. I have no where I belong. I tell my “friends” how I feel and that I’m sad nobody invites me anywhere and how alone I feel..yet the same events continue. I see endless pictures taken at parties hosted by “friends” that I had no idea of. I’m starting to believe there’s something wrong with me, some kind of personality flaw that makes people run away from me..

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