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Posted by on 2014/08/10 under Friends

I hate your face. The way you look at me makes me hate it even more. How you talk is annoying. Sometimes you don’t want to seem needy, but want to at the same time. How I can’t be myself when you’re around bumps me out. You aren’t trying to seem thankful when others around you smile, it’s like that makes you act like you’ve just been insulted. By the way, that reminds me- you’re crazy. Not the good crazy, oh no. The bad type of crazy. The one no one likes, but don’t worry too much because no one is going to call you out on how crazy you really are- we’ll never know how crazy you really are so it’s impossible. That’s why we won’t, not because anyone would feel bad. You act like you are the only one that has it hard. It’s as if you are stupid and cruel at the same time. (Thank god you can do something interesting) When I see you preventing somebody from getting to know I smile. Not because of the reason you think, but because it’s fascinating to think people care for someone who hasn’t matured to a man when clearly you have facial hair- which reminds me of one other thing and that is, shave. Seriously, it’s not hard. You are a big strong man and there’s no reason why you should not go to work looking like you don’t care about yourself or maybe you think it’s normal to just have an uneven mustache that looks like it’s crawling away from you. I’m not you look bad- but I don’t want to be reminded how lazy you are every time you look at me. I hate you. You remind me of myself a few years back, except I got myself together and provided my friends and family. You just do things for yourself. Stop being whatever you think you’re being, it’s not working for you and it’s driving your girlfriend up the walls.

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