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Posted by on 2014/08/10 under Friends

So, here we go i guess…at the beginning of this summer I really wanted to keep hanging out with my two best friends. But sadly they weren’t interested in doing anything normal or ‘legal’ for that matter. So they convinced me to some how sneak out of my house at 1 am and wait at the end of my street for their car (the car they stole from one of their parents) with some ‘supplies’. I waited till 1:30 and I accidentally fell asleep on the side of the road. When they finally came I guess they didnt see my unconscious body from the shrubbery at the end of my short driveway, so they did what any sane person would do (heavy sarcasm)… They left me and went two towns over drunk out of their f***ing minds; which is really f***ing odd because to begin with I dont live at all close to anything. My own School is in another town! but regardless they wanted me to pay for gas. And thats why I never get to do anything, no one wants to pick me up. But anyway I wake up at around 1:45 and call them asking where their f***ing asses were. And they tell me they were in the neighbor hood but thought I pussied out and left to go find a party. At this point they told me (tottaly hammered) that they were chilling in a park and would come pick me up at 2:30…. So I got over it and waited. Longer story short: It got to 4:30 am and I went back inside to go to bed before my parents woke up and they show up screaming and cursing both of them naked beeping the car horn full blast at my bedroom window.

continuing from that point… I told them it was too late they wasted my time and I wasnt going to get in trouble at this point. But they continued to honk… And that woke up my father that immediately reached for his shotgun to ‘escort’ the ‘degenerates’ home. Now, they dont speak to me or invite me to do anything and started hanging out with people I dont like basically to get me angry. But I was happy for a long time without the drama until today when I saw a picture of the ‘better’ friend having all the ‘fun’ with the others. And so, I sit here wondering how the f*** am I going to do anything if the only people in the f***ing world who wanted to hangout with me are a******s…



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