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Posted by on 2014/08/02 under Friends

I met a guy a couple of months back, he was probably the sweetest person who’s always had a gracious smile on his face that actually contagious, and, the way he giggled would melt your heart. He’s originally from Tehran, young, fair skin, standard Asian man height, and no lie, with a Prince-of-Persia face.
We had this thing “Speak Persian-English” when he’s around, which you had to say a sentence that ended with a giggle.

Time past, we became close friends. Sadly, bad thing happened, we noticed the changes on him, he was constantly angry, was rude to us, always sad and complaint about everything/one. His favorite phrases were “F*** people”, “F*** the World”, “Nothing is good in this world”.
And of course, he lost his glowing smiles, as well as the enchanted giggles.

He left, back to Iran. The departure was hard, we kept in touch, we missed each other but it did not last, we had more fights over small things.

And eventually, we lost our friendship.

It is truly sad to see the man who was once meant the world to me and shared bitter-sweet with turned into a stranger.

I don’t know why, and perhaps I never will know why.

Sometimes when I close my eyes, I could see the sunshiny smile, and could literary hear the sound of his giggles. I know it sounds dramatic, but believe me, his smile and his giggles are like magic.

If he ever sees this, one thing I want him to always remember

*Be the reason someone smiles today.*

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