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Posted by on 2014/08/01 under Friends

I love you. I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you. I admire you. So much. No matter what you do you do it great. You’re doing your best and you’re doing it awesome, no matter what disrespectful things disrespectful people might say about you. Don’t care s***. Like that other guy said, “You’re worth the whole damn bunch but together.”
Each day you inspire me to be a better person. I look at you and I go “damn they’re so cool. I wish I could be like them”. I’m an awful person, so most obviously I’m not like you. But that doesn’t mean I can’t try. If they really wanna be happy and make the world a better place, people gotta put themselves at the level of those they admire, not those that are desperately terrible people but for some reason get away with it anyway. It’s not even hard, at least it doesn’t seem like it’s hard, because you always make it look like you’re nothing special and it’s no big deal and there are so many people in the world worthier than you.
And you might be right. But I wouldn’t know these people, so right now I mostly care about you. You’re awesome. You’re so awesome. Whether you do realize it or not. You’re so freaking awesome. I love you. Thanks for giving me faith in life and people and making me feel proud and happy for you each and every day.

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