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Posted by on 2013/05/10 under Friends

nothing sucks more than knowing your best friend might not even be your best friend anymore. that slowly but surely you are beginning to drift apart. what hurts most is when you see their new friends become their best friends. you no longer matter anymore. you ask them to do things and they blow you off for something better to do with their new best friends. they’ve gotten closer to them and further from you and no matter how much you try to be close with them again they just don’t seem to care enough to try and work for your friendship.

i don’t think you care about me anymore, so i guess there goes 16 yrs of friendship down the drain. i’m not saying i’m not your friend anymore because lets face it i see you everyday and our families are close i’m just saying i’m done caring. i’m done being the only one attempting to make this friendship work. i’m done trying to find things for us to do together. i’m done…

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