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Posted by on 2013/05/10 under Friends

I’ve stopped being myself around all of you, the handful that still see the real me, it’s getting even awkard to still be me. All I do is just pretend fake enthusiasm, try to hit up everyone even those who never gave a f*** at me just to show that I’m still so cool, and I just cannot even speak any longer my mind about the simplest things. I don’t even know who to speak to, I keep everything just inside, choke it, and leave it until it’s all gone. I can’t speak to my “friends” about this, and my friends who already know just think I’m fine because I hold strong. But being myself is only worse, it only makes everyone drift away even more… I can’t blame them though. It’s always been like this. I only open my mouth freely when I know I can say something they can get back to, I’m sticking to my own interests only alone on my own. This post has been the only honest thing I’ve said about myself that I truly wanted in the last six weeks just because it’s anonymous.

One thought on “Can no longer be myself.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Sometimes when we try to be someone we are not, we not only lose our friends, but ourselves. Being true to who you are will put you in the place where you meet the right people for you. Wake up every morning and tell yourself you’re a bad ass b**** from hell and that no one can f*** with you and then don’t let anyone f*** with you. Be who you are. The real you is beautiful.

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