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Posted by on 2013/05/09 under Friends

you know the funny thing is when my old friend did it to me you said it was f***ed up, and know that you’re doing everything she did you don’t even notice. i feel like we’re not even best friends anymore. we’re started to drift, ya sure we still hangout but it’s not like old times. we have 0 things in common and when i try and make an effort towards our friendship and say we should do this or that you shut me down. i asked you to go somewhere with me and you say “oh no i don’t really want to go” but then “she” asks you and boom! you can’t wait to go. and you wonder why i walk away when she’s around or i get annoyed. she didn’t do anything but i hate her because she’s my replacement. everything you guys do together we used to do. you say we’re best friends but lets be honest we’re only friends anymore because we’ve been friends for so long, and that’s it. i don’t even think you care, and the fact that you don’t care makes me care even more. i’ve brought it up i told you, and you act as if you don’t notice how much things have changed for us. if it wasn’t for the fact that we grew up together we even both admitted we wouldn’t be each other’s friends. we’d be strangers. i’m not someone she’d walk up to and talk to, and she sure as hell wouldn’t be someone i’d walk up to. we’re opposites. and it sucks being the ugly best friend. i feel like a charity case. her new friends much prettier than me and they’re like twins from their looks to their personalities to their interests. and to top it off she’s moving. as if we couldn’t be more far apart than we were already.
i don’t want to lose my best friend, but i feel as though the day she leaves this town will be the last time we ever speak. it’ll be a real good bye…forever. i think even if i put in the effort to see her and hang out she won’t she’ll make new friends and do new things, and i’ll be left behind to no one considering i don’t have other friends i hang out with. sucks being a loner.

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