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Posted by on 2013/05/06 under Friends

When someone says that they don’t have anyone when in reality you’ve been there for them the whole time and all they do is push you away. I’m tired of this. I have feeling like i’m just another person to you. I’ve always been here for you and always will be. You always think that i’m replacing you when i’m really not. You treat me like absolute s*** and you don’t see it. You are terrible to me and you wonder why I go weeks without hanging out with you. You have no heart it seem’s like. You go through guys like they don’t have feelings too. Just because one guy f***ed you over doesn’t mean you have to f*** every other guy over. You made me the way i am now, it’s hard for me to find friends because you get mad at me. You are always in competition with me. If I want to do something, You find a way of putting me down. I’ve always been there for you and what do you do? N O T H I N G. You act like i’m invisible. I don’t mean s*** to you and you know it. i’m tired of all of this mistreatment. Some best friend you are. You string me along and act as if i’m just there to make you look better/feel better about you’re self. The little thing’s you say to me really hurt. I may act as if it doesn’t bother me, but i’m really hurting inside. I don’t even know what a friend is anymore but, I do know that you are definitely not my friend.

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