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Posted by on 2013/05/01 under Friends

Okay this is my 1st post so i don’t know how to begin yet.. I would just like to share the story of our broken friendship. We had a group named B.B.A.Ts (its an acronym that stands for the names of us FOUR; Bern, Bob, AQUILA, Tanya) So we WERE BEST FRIENDS for 4 years now. Until that day came when our school held PTC;parent,teacher confrontation. At that time only me and my mom were at home so i will be left alone if she is going to the PTC. And she cant leave me(even though i am old enough). So since my mom is friends Bob’s mom she left me at their house. And since Bob’s mom needs to go to the PTC too me and Bob were left alone at their house. And then i found out(via txt message) that Bern and Tanya went to the PTC. Me and bob were hurt because of course, they could have said something so we would be together, but we just did not mind it.. And then we found out (again via txt message) that they were going to the house of Martin for swimming. And that Martin girl, is my most hatest person at school. She is the reason for this all anyway -.-. And i know that at that time Bern and Tanya are aware of how much i dislike that girl. Then i sent a GM(Group Message) to all my contacts saying, ‘True bbfs that i wanna have: those who will get away from those i hate especially if they are aware that i hate those ppl.’ and then bern sent me a message (btw by this time i am at my own house already) saying ‘are u letting me hear things so that i may be aware of this???’ and i replied ‘No, it was a quote from someone, i just forwarded is because i think its nice :)’ and then there she got angry and told me that she knew that i hate her then i ask her who was that from and she wont tell me.. BUT HONESTLY, I WAS REALLY NOT LYING TO HER NOR TO TANYA!! SHE WONT BELIEVE ME EVEN THOUGH I AM HER BEST FRIEND BUT SHE WOULD BELIEVE THAT PERSON WHO TOLD HER THAT I DONT LIKE HER! WHAT THE HECK MAN????!! Now i realized that she was not really my friend and yet i apoligized to her but she just kept on avoiding me… Now she and tanya are having a new group of their own, just forgetting us.. :'(

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Girls. Basically you wrote the ”quote” for a reason. Because you wanted to warn them about the hate thing, so you may half lied half telling the truth. If friends gets mad so quickly they are not worth it

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