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Posted by on 2013/04/29 under Friends

you were one of my best friends. you were probably the one person i had so much in common with, we like the same bands, movies, we had the same sense of humor, and hell we even look the same. and yet just when we began to get so close you began to hate me, you hated me so much you turned your back on me, and since all my friends were yours first they left with you. you hated me because he became my friend, but i don’t understand why you hated me so much i apologized to you, i tried to be your friend. you said you were okay with our friendship. i found out he liked you. i told him to go for it. i told him to ask you out. so after everything why did you hate me. you wanted me to drop the only real friendship i had with him for you but why would i do it when i knew leaving him meant having no one? can you really blame me? i thought you knew me well enough to know that since he’s YOUR boy friend i would never try and break you guys up? i know what it’s like to feel like the one you like is spending all their time with someone you think is your friend, it happened with you last year! i liked a guy and yet you walked to and from classes together, you talked to him all the time, and i never once blamed you for your friendship with him that me and him never happened. because you were my friend and friendships come before relationships. and now all of a sudden you and your friends after months of ignoring me and months of saying things behind my back to him so he’d stop being my friend you guys are trying to me nice? why?….WHY NOW?!? why are you trying to make it work all of a sudden.

One thought on “i want to give you another chance but i’m scared when he leaves you’re going to hate me again

  1. Anonymous says:

    Sometimes we never really know what goes on inside people’s minds but I’ll tell you one thing, the happiest people are the ones that forgive and forget. So if they are being nice to you again, accept that. And if you still have problems or issues with them, move on and stop thinking about it. .X

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