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Posted by on 2013/04/25 under Friends

Today, my long-distance girlfriend’s best friend had moved away to another state overseas. She says that now her 2 best friends (her and I) had moved away and she feels alone on that island now.
I know that I am next to feel the pain. I have two buddies from high school here. One of us is moving away tomorrow to the same state my girlfriend’s best friend is going to. I know that after he leaves, the 3 of us will not reunite for a long time. We might not even get the chance to reunite. I’m so scared. We’re a trio and we’ve always stuck together. We practically rely on one another when one of us faces a problematic situation.
I just keep thinking of that future, where the 3 of us, who had gone through so much together and helped each other, could no longer stand by each other’s side, like brothers in arms. Where we have to face the coming challenges by ourselves and walk our separate paths until we see each other again, implying we do see each other again. I’m so afraid of that day. Where it is a goodbye and knowing it’ll be years before we do meet again.
I just know though, if we do see each other again, we’ll all have our own little stories to tell, and none of us will be the same. We’re not related by blood, no, but we’re still family.. Still brothers..

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