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Posted by on 2013/02/16 under Friends

I have had my best friend in my life for 6 years now and I love her to death but right now i feel like our relationship is not even there. we were drining buddys in high school and then i meet someone and got married so things changed a little bit, but we were still close, but now she hangs out with a girl that she never liked and she is all about her now that she is prego, Now im not the one she goes to first and now im the one who hears about things last, and i have talk to her about it and all she says is, its not like that at all, but in reality it is like that and we dont talk as much anymore and i just text her and said oh its been a long time since i hurd from you and shes like its only been a week but to me its a long time because we used to talk everyday even after i got married.. My question is.. is does anythone think im talking it to the extreame or shoud i just not talk to her about it again or should i just leave it how it is and shee is she makes an effert cuz she has not!!

One thought on “Having a hard time! Please respond i need advise

  1. Anonymous says:

    Friends change, I had a friend who changed this much as well, and we were friends from kindergarden on up through high school until I posted something stupid and she ended our friendship perminantly. Don’t push the issue, this friendship sounds like it’s fading, let it fade slowly and it will end with happy memories for both of you and have an opening for you to be friends again should she change back.

    You are a bit overattatched thoough. She’s right, a week isn’t that long most of the time, unless it’s a week from hell. I know when it’s someone you’re used to interacting with, a week is a lot, but you have to grow up and adjust.

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