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Posted by on 2012/12/25 under Friends

I dont want,
Someone who will be
Beside me
Around me
Laugh with me
Share with me
To hold my hand
To tell that they’re pretty
To say “I love you” and mean it
To smile so I won’t be defeated.
I need a friend.

4 thoughts on “I Need

  1. Anonymous says:

    There are people out there. But before someone can love you, you have to love yourself. Go into things with a fearless attitude and I promise that you will find true love and friendship. Those that are weak are those that end up with fake friendships. Good Luck .X

  2. christiana says:

    i will be your friend

  3. retardgirl says:

    seriously i need the same thing. and as half assed as it sounds, im more than willing, if not desperate to provide it.

  4. Woody (Toy Story) says:

    You’ve got a friend in meeeeee
    You’ve got a friend in meeeee

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