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Posted by on 2012/12/22 under Friends

My Friend goes to guy after guy! She gets all obsessed over some guy, gets him to fall head over heels for her, they start dating, then 2 days later she dumps them leaving them so heartbroken! Then she’ll like a guy then when they don’t really start liking her back, she stops talking to them and automatically goes to the next guy that says something even the slightest sweet thing to her and shes on her next target! Then she hangs out with this other girl she doesn’t even like and she thinks is a total whore just cause she says shes got cute friends….Like Really?! she is turning into a huge whore…and it even gets me mad when she starts flirting with my boyfriend. and he doesn’t flirt back so she keeps going and going! always saying he’s so funny and always asking for hugs, and getting in between us, and she keeps on trying to get me to break up with him! ughh! I cant stand her being my friend!

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