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Posted by on 2012/12/09 under Friends

Now let me get back to what reality is right now for me. I am just stupid! But I HATE when people do honestly think that i am stupid. I mean its ok for me to say i am stupid but for you NO! Common sense people. I don’t want to tell my friends anything anymore because I feel like it will just create big s***! This whole week was depressing. And I thought going to my other friends house would make me feel better but not really because once again I told her my s*** and it made rethink my s*** AGAIN. I am such a freaking FOLLOWER! I don’t know I just listen to people and they easily persuade me. I can change my thoughts of a person in a second. I am one of those kind of people that like to be told what to do. When I have no direction I am completely lost. Thats how I think I feel right now. Actually more like confused. I have no idea what is going on with my friendship? Could you please just tell me if you don’t want to be friends? And you don’t hang out with me because I don’t like to feel like I have been dissed by you. Or when I feel like you try to make me jealous because you know what! ITS WORKING!! I am completely JEALOUS I said ok. I told you everything. Even told you stuff that were lies… and I know I regretted what I said the moment it came out of my mouth but I didn’t want to say I lied because I just didn’t know how you would respond to that. But the thing that angers me that is you lied too! The fact that lying has ruined our friendship is sad. Everybody lies but i don’t know whats wrong with our situation. I guess I just got sick of your lies because I already have a friend that lies. Ugghh and your seem just like her just a newer version of her! OMG now I know why I liked you! Its because you reminded me of her!!!! Connecting the dots ladies!!

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