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Posted by on 2012/12/03 under Friends

Life has been infuriatingly difficult these last few months. I only blame myself. I could never be the person who is easy to approach. I could never be the person with a smile on their face and laugh of any negativity. Someone such as myself deserves to be alone, without the comfort of others. No one wants to listen to the pathetic sorrows of a miserable person.

What a shame it is that I am afraid of death and cannot take my own life.

One thought on “Someone with no one.

  1. Anonymous says:

    The thing is, there is someone out there willing to help. And in order to get through your problems, you need other people it is just a fact of life. People are out there. And they do not have to be at school or at home. There are counselors. People you trust. You deserve to live because you are one in a million. Do not give up now you have so much life left to live

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