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Posted by on 2024/05/28 under Family

Mother has rules against playing with my birdie. I got caught abusing it. Mother put me over her knee and paddled my bare bottom while holding me in place by my balls until I was crying and begging. She paused for me to apologize and promise to be a good boy. Then she paddled me again.

My birdie was stiff when she caught me abusing it. It was sticking out in the air and she saw it. She saw the whole thing. It wouldn’t go down. It got harder when she held me down over her knee and grasped my balls.

After my bare bottom turned bright red she let me stand up and my birdie was throbbing. It was bright red and purplish. Mother said that’s disgusting. She made me stand in the middle of the room with it sticking out. Then she made me hold a bag of ice on it until it went down. I was sent to my room after that.

The punishment was effective for about a day or two. I couldn’t resist abusing my bird. I knew I’d be punished again if I was caught. I lied to Mother and said I didn’t rub it but she knew I lied and I got punished twice. Once for lying and once for abusing it. I deserved it for breaking the rules and for lying to Mother. I should have been doing constructive things like studying, helping around the house and obeying the rules. I abuse my birdie and I lie about it to Mother.

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