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Posted by on 2021/05/22 under Family

who gets my mom? She wants to me have straight A's and a high Gpa but she makes it difficult. I work my a** of trying to make sure I turn everything on time and have a good grade. I can't have a B or else she starts yelling at me saying thats not what she wants. I stay in my room doing homework until 4 or 5 because i have alot, But no she says I stay in here doing who knows what just so I dont do chores. SO who tf gets here? not Me! i have math homework which is taking long because i have to write out the problems but she says I am just stalling when thats not true. i feel like she is way to strict and barely lets me don anything by myself.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I hate to be that person but…..
    I wish I would of had a parent to push me in school, that made me want to try, that knew what greatness was within me when I couldn’t see it myself. I never got that guidance or help. She wants you to be successful and make something of yourself. It might seem like too much pressure at time but trust me it’s her way of showing love. She knows what you are capable and she sees that you’re smart. A good parent pushes you to be your best and knows when you are slacking off. Keep giving your all. It will pay off in the future. No one else is going to encourage you like a good parent will. You don’t want to look back on your years and think damn I wish I would’ve pushed harder so that I could of went to that school or could of done dual enrollment…..
    I hate to say it but very few teachers are going to care if you learn or do well. Only you and a good parent will make sure you get your education. Understand that you are blessed, take it as she cares and loves you, don’t cave to the pressure but learn to use it as your motivation. Best of luck!

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