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Posted by on 2021/04/14 under Family

I still haven't told my mother its just….mom is sick if she's over stressed out it could cause one of her vein's will pop & if it's a vein in her brain it could kill her I guess I tell myself I shouldn't tell her because I don't want to stress her out she's told me & my sister on multiple occasions we can talk to her about these things that she will always believe us no matter what…but I just feel to scared..scared she will be mad at me for waiting this long to tell her…scared of stressing her out more that it could kill her, ashamed…at the fact I didn't tell her right away ashamed of what they did to me & considering one of them is her you get brother… but not to mention disappointed in myself for still not telling her…there have been times where I grew the courage to talk to her about it but I just end up changing the question to something or someone else or asking something else entirely….my mom has raised me & my twin sister by herself I used to see my dad but I don't see him anymore because thier was no point mom didn't see the point if we didn't want to go & we didn't want to go because we didn't want to get spanked for misunderstandings (he had done it before spanking my sister when it was supposed to be me because his girlfriend thought I said the word b**** I was asking if we were going to the beach -_- I was 5 and didn't know anything about cuz words at the time) I cant bring myself to tell my mom about what my grandma's boyfriend did or my uncle (who is the same age as me his son & my mom's you get brother) because of this pandemic I don't want to stress her out or make her want to move right now we're trying to save for a house especially during covid-19 she's one of the people who have a weak amune system so I don't want to risk it…but how can I tell her without her getting pissed or packing all of our things?..I don't know what I should do (my mom's sickness is lupus)

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