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Posted by on 2021/04/06 under Family

Why are Indians so stupid? My brother-in-law's sister got covid by visiting her friends. They found out the next day that her friends had covid. But she refused to get tested and wanted to wait till Sunday even after my sister told her cause my sister has a baby! She said she was healthy and wouldn't catch the virus blah blah balh and didn't even take necessary precautions but walked around the house like it's normal. But after 4 days, she started having symptoms and they went to the hospital and wouldn't you know it? She tested positive! Bloody idiot, narcissistic know-it-all. And my brother-in-law, after a few days got symptoms as well and tested positive! My sister and the baby are still fine. But so much could be prevented if his sister had just taken the test in the first place. Now my sister has to take care of not only her baby, but 2 big idiots. No wonder cases are rising by day in India.

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