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Posted by on 2021/01/02 under Family

Tuesday, June 02, 2020

Again dad called after sending a whatsapp story about the importance of family/group staying together to support each other.

Went on with his pandering about my choice of not associating with the family and church group is causing my problems
But conveniently ignored that he banned me from meeting/communicating with my acquaintances and social connections because he doesn't like their ideas.

Picked examples that are not even relevant.
Catherine is a member of the choir, a group I don't want to participate in. Then points out how I don't follow them to church. When in reality, I simply don't wake up in time, just like how I miss classes. By the way, I always follow them home, even when I went to church alone. When I was at St George, the Pummels were close to me also. They did the same thing.

After all the talks, he went on with religious pandering as he does on every single call.

He found out from Emeka that one reason I don't call is because he continues his religious pandering every time. He called a day before to tell me about that and complained about me not telling him that, yet, he keeps doing. So, what is the point of him knowing?

Most frustrating, he just keeps talking over and over again about the same point that I've understood and clearly not interested in. This is one reason I hate when he calls

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