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Posted by on 2020/12/03 under Family

There are people in my life and I can’t stand them. It’s my husband’s family. The oldest brother was sleeping around with his pregnant(mother guys kid) ex wife right up to the point that he married his now wife. She has no idea. He’s lazy and a cheater but he always acts like he’s such a great guy. His new wife and him had a baby not to long ago. It’s interesting because when she was in another state because they broke up she instantly got pregnant when she got back. After at least six years of being in a relationship and trying to get pregnant you would think he’s not the father. The kid doesn’t even look like him. In fact all of his brothers cheat and have with every single person they are with. I think they are jealous of my husband in some messed up way. Recently we weren’t invited to their thanksgiving party. We didn’t care or want to go but it’s funny. I really can’t stand his racist mother. She is the worst! I’ve never met someone that’s so two faced. To top it off she plays favorites with her sons. The fathers a mindless robot that follows every word of this witch. My husband is nothing like his family. He is too good for them. That’s also where this jealousy comes from, I think they can all see it. He’s the only one that works hard, to own a home, to be a responsible father, to attend and graduate college, and not to mention the hottest. If I never had to deal with them again I would live a happy life. I’m sure others can relate to me with their in-laws.

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