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Posted by on 2020/11/22 under Family

It's been hard watching my mom over the past six months. My dad cheated on her and left her for another woman. My mom cried so hard when he left. It started with wine. She would start to drink wine every day instead of just on the weekends like she normally do. Whenever I woke up, she would already have wine.

And then she started smoking. She picked up the habit three months ago. She tried to keep it from me but I could always smell it and I ended up walking outside when she was smoking. She told me she isn't addicted to cigarettes, but they help.

And now she has started to have emotional breakdowns at random times during the day. Sometimes she will just cry, other times she will yell at my dad's name and scream and call him names even though he is not there. I'm worried about her

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