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Posted by on 2019/08/18 under Family

So my birth parents want me to come live them, but I don't want to. I want to stay with my adoptive mother who adopted me when I was a baby

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  1. Gary says:

    Hi ya, like you I was adopted. My birth family has 8 kids, I was the 9th and the only one adopted out.
    I meet my bio mum once, picked her in a crowd of thousands though I had never seen her picture. She wanted something that I couldn’t give, she wanted her son. I was 30 something at this time.
    I have a mum an adopted mum that I would give my life for. She gave me a home and a family, she gave me love and helped me grow to who I am now.
    I didn’t ask to be an unwanted child it just happened but it left me with something more than a feeling, more than a memory. I call it a knowing, I “remember” the time of seperation. I “remember” the loss of that
    which was familiar, her sounds, scent, smell, my home at my birth replaced with strange sounds and scents, unfamiliar and gone forever. I am now 53 and I still have that knowing etched deep into my soul.
    PS. I think you will know of what I speak.

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