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Posted by on 2019/01/09 under Family

My aunt (my dad's sister) has been staying with us for 4 years (my mom died 5 years ago). Tonight I walked in on my dad and aunt sleeping together, and I don't know how to feel. Is it incest if they are just sleeping together? Should I confront them about it?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    No its not incest.

    In the old days it was a common thing, kind of take care of my faimly since you are family, I leave my sister husband son etc to you.
    It was considered some weird honorable obligatory thing to do.
    Dont blame me for that info.

    But I feel you in the confusion, it almost seems disgusting if not a violation of deceit and disrespect to your mother. Its a hard call.

    If its not like an orgy ordeal around the house you may consider the above in some reconciliation sense.
    Maybe the aunt felt obligated to be around you for the first year and something grew of it with your dad. Men get lonely ya know and spite our Tough exterior, inside we hurt just as deeply as women, we’re just not allowd to show it. else we be labled weak puzzies.

    Then again, if your dad was always a horndog, then maybe aunties cross around her neck may not have so much meaning and it might have been something thats been going on for some time.

    Its your call to figure that one out, but you might want to have a sitdown with the aunt, your dad and express your confusion, or test the waters one on one and feel the conversations out, weigh the answers and see if why this has been going on. Dont expect to be able to lay down some laws, but it does not mean you have to agree with all of it, maybe just tollerate it.

  2. Anonymous says:

    By the way, try to stay cool, dont go ape SH** and freak out. You should have the right express your feeling (been there myself),and if they truely listen, might make accomodations and lighten up or explain things.
    Now days people dont really care who they hurt if they decide to have a relationship, or at least that is my bitter opinion. But such can make or break a family circle, so ease into it, especially if your age 10, the older you are the more insight and more voice you might have in the situation.

    Im a moody obnoxious troll and get on her fairly often so Ill be watching if you need to add to the post.

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