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Posted by on 2018/05/11 under Family

Today I didn't go to school because I didn't feel well my mom had ask me to feed my dog before she left she said hi to my dog [nani] so about 20 minutes went by and the I got up to feed here she had her head in a princess castle dog bed and I called her name she wagged her tail and kept her head in the dog bed and I thought she was stuck she turned out to be to weak to even move I called my mom and she came and got her and took her to work she died later today at exactly 4:00p.m my mom told me when she got home and here I am wishing that that little dog had come home happy and healthy.

One thought on “SAD!!!

  1. Isabelle says:

    I am so sorry to hear that. Please feel better and just remember that she lived an amazing life I’m sure. Feel better. Have an amazing day.

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