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Saturday 21st September 2013

i need to spill my guts tonight.advice wouldnt hurt either.

Okay, so the day has come. Next weekend is a family reunion. I cant fully explain the “severity” of my story without dipping into my entire life, so here I go. I have a pretty traditional large mexican family. There are a bunch of families and then my family and obviously the mothers of each [..more..]

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ah, anxiety. im the apprehensive kid, thats never picked.

Well , i cut everything out of my life that could have been a cause of my crazy wild anxiety. Contact with my mom, old friends, public highschool, i manufactured a genuine sense of confidence. My dad even moved us across town. My days are empty, just sit at home , do my homework, and [..more..]

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Monday 9th September 2013


Dear world, Im sorry North Korea exists. Im sorry Putin abused his power. Im sorry George Orwell cant rule the world. Im sorry theres no preventing the cruelty of nature. Im sorry the very ad above the box im typing in advertising is really a way to sell prostitutes. Im sorry Mexico is in [..more..]

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powder to the white guy

I just want to write, all day everyday occupy myself by saying what i think since no one cares to listen. I will probably make 100 more posts before the night ends, just to wake up and make 50 more. Im really nervous. This weekend is my very first concert. Im seeing Alice in Chains, [..more..]

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Someone surprised me today and that was cool. It only did so much to change the way i feel though. And as close as he was to sweeping me up, the further away i felt from ever reaching that reality. Because even if i were somehow told something I dont know, i would be a [..more..]

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response to you old friend.

I can blow this website up with a million synonymous posts of helpless romanticism and loneliness in a domesticated boring world but i never come any closer to satisfaction. A comment wont cure anything. I want the impossible. I want someone to look in my brain and say , yes – thats the one , [..more..]

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football day for every guy in my house. That means im alone again. Im always alone . always. why? because im a girl in a mans world. Hannah Montana had just her dad and her brother, but she hung out with that blonde girl… Olive i think? EVERY SINGLE DAY. Friends offer escape. Boyfriends offer [..more..]

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somebody help me.

I cannot do it. Its coming too fast. This f***ing family reunion with people i dont want to be apart of who dont want to be a part of me. I cant i cant i cant i cant i cant. theres just now f***ing way. I know that im turning an event thats not even [..more..]

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Im viewing life through eyelids that are at their lowest point of open before they can be considered closed. Im back in the most pessimistic low mindset i used to get after school, after seeing my mom, after talking to old friends. I cut all those things out of my life in hopes i would [..more..]

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