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Thursday 3rd February 2011

I miss having someone to talk to, that special someone who you call your best friend… until you fall in love with them. when someone special in your life leaves you unexpectedly and comes back due to fate you don’t just take that lightly. you show that person that you are what they need and [..more..]

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Wednesday 2nd February 2011

i miss you so much but even if you were here right now or i was there i would just want to scream at you for everything you’ve done. but its still not enough becuase i miss you more than i can say. i miss having someone who cared about me and i feel so [..more..]

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I tryed finding it on google and tryed writing my papers, seems like everyone of my teachers know and love to frustrate me with their stupid papers on ” who are you “. After hours of staring at blank papers I wrote “I don’t know who I am, or who I will be.” pure truth. [..more..]

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for months i had this comfort of knowing i was always going to be going home in the end. like everything here was ok, i could stand it if i didnt quite fit in, or if wasnt always happy becuase i knew i was going home, but now, i dont even want to go home. [..more..]

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Tuesday 1st February 2011

Today… I am having an odd day. My life has been just horrible since december. I wish I was anywhere but home. I wish I had enough money to pursue my dreams and continue school. Tomorrow… I am starting my new ‘lifestyle’ so I can concentrate on something besides not being in school this semester. [..more..]

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i wish you would just shut up about your weight. everyone knows you are skinny, we are all aware of that without you going on about it all the time. “and everyone keeps saying i should put weight on” etc etc. and i’m just SO SICK OF IT. and dont tell me that i’m not [..more..]

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Monday 31st January 2011

I don’t still love him but I still have feelings for him. And when I see him and he ignores me, I know it’s because I lied and he knows.. I wish he didn’t know. If only he hadn’t told his parents, cared so much.. but I just wanted the attention. I hate everything about [..more..]

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#234 Your brother will forgive you over time. Perhaps however you should think about why he’s so mad. When you cut, you cut either because your depressed or craving attention. Your brother may not see it like this. He’s probably mad as he’s scared about losing his brother/bestfriend. If your brother portrays a tough image [..more..]

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My bestfreind who is basically my brother is mad at me for cutting. No madder how many times i say im sorry and it will never happen again he still wont forgive me. So I dont know what to do. I saw him with some of my friends the other day the only thing he [..more..]

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Saturday 29th January 2011

#229 ME TOO!! 😀

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