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Friday 3rd December 2010

I’ve made a point of being selfless since I was a child. Now all of my friends are falling in love with my self-absorbed, useless leach of a “best friend” and I don’t have the self respect to tell her to leave me alone.

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i want pie…

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im here to say good day, im here to play, maybe with some clay, today was depressing, my salad needs some dressing, hes so lame, but whos to blame, my friend betrayed me, but i guess i betrayed her too, you hate me, wait… you dont know me… GET OFF MY LAWN YOU CRAZY KIDS… [..more..]

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everythins my fault… im always the one at blame, you said this you said that, im tired of being yelled at im tired of doing it wrong, why do you blame me…. why do i blame me… i try to make it right and apoligize but all the leads to is more pain, pain is [..more..]

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what do i want… i want you…. i want you to love me, i want you to need me, i want to feel like you cared, i want to know you loved me, all i see is a lie, when we finally broek up you acted like nothing ever happened, acted like you didnt know [..more..]

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Love is just a word, an empty meaningless word that one says to another when one wants one thing or another, why did i belive it why did i care, i was played a fool, i look like a tool, there was so much pain, but i held on the train, it was a long [..more..]

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Oh s***. I really have noone to talk to. I have friends I guess…but I can’t talk to them about this. I’m so closed in and I can’t get the f*** out of what I caused. I’m the one that ended it, you’d think I’d be okay. But I’m not. I’m f***ing heartbroken, I’ve never [..more..]

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Monday 29th November 2010

I think i’m afraid of being rejected, even though in the back of my mind i know i deserve better. I love him. I don’t want our relationship to end. It sounds selfish but I want to be the one who ends it if/when the time comes, because i know at least then i will [..more..]

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Sunday 28th November 2010

i’m so sick of being an outsider. i want to go home.

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Thursday 18th November 2010

one day in science class there was this wicked girl in my class named Jamie.Jamie whispered ‘ ‘marelin has big ears like a monkey.” then i replied”i can hear u.” she responded”u were ment 2.”next thing u know the teacher is still teaching the lesson like he cant even hear her.i said ”look u little [..more..]

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