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Sunday 28th November 2010

i’m so sick of being an outsider. i want to go home.

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Thursday 18th November 2010

one day in science class there was this wicked girl in my class named Jamie.Jamie whispered ‘ ‘marelin has big ears like a monkey.” then i replied”i can hear u.” she responded”u were ment 2.”next thing u know the teacher is still teaching the lesson like he cant even hear her.i said ”look u little [..more..]

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portugal solved it the importance is the printing press allowed b ooks and ideas to spread across europe they began exploring africa because portugal set up a trading post in west africa prince henry of portugal created a school for navagation 1487-1497=10

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Monday 15th November 2010

I’m feeling tired, bored and really really hungry

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I want the fairytale.

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Tuesday 9th November 2010

i didnt go to school today blahhhhhhhhhh but whatever im soo tired!

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Monday 8th November 2010

Im 17, i used to love going out all the time, id always go to parties and get wasted and have an amazing time, or just chill at a friends. but recently my desire to do the things i loved has completely dissolved. I cry all the time, i have no motivation to work for [..more..]

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Thursday 4th November 2010

I feel that this writing space should drop down when it is click on, rather than just be massive all the time =]

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Wednesday 3rd November 2010

To profit from good advice requires more wisdom than to give it.

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Often I find myself wondering what life is about. Is there really meaning to my existence, does God exist and if he does why would he care about me?

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