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Saturday 18th February 2012


i miss him so much!!!…y dd u have to leave me so early..espailly on my b-day..thats unfair for me..i love u dad n hipfully u know that..i love n miss u dad n i will never forget u you i love u!!!!!…wish u could be with me right ur not :(…i cry hella when [..more..]

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A place to write what i felt ….i felt that friends around me is not genuine ….!!! plus they all seems selfish ..its weird , when they need me they come and search for me but if i need a help .poof ..they will disappear …and there is a guy shows his interest on me [..more..]

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Friday 17th February 2012


I try it first time. I dont know in will work or not. But I need a place wher I can share my thoughts. I think I can improve this site if the owner wants to. sorry to say but it is not look attractive.

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I absolutely abhor school. I’m not like one of those rebel kids who just say that because they want to hangout and do nothing all day. That’s actually not the case at all. My life goal is to become a fashion merchandiser and I feel like the younger I start the more competitive of a [..more..]

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Thursday 16th February 2012


Somewhere to write. A place to write anything. Honestly, I don’t care about you’re opinon. I don’t care what you have to say. I’m going to type, and thats the last this website will hear of me. …hmm… I’m not going to lie, I’m farley attractive. Brown/auburnish hair, blue,hazelish eyes(not the best color:)) little frekles, [..more..]

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My dad… i am so greatful for him in my life… if i lost him i wouldent no what to do… my life has been so complecated and npw my dad is in and out of work.. and we have no money.. my mom has cancer and i just cant stand it. i dont no [..more..]

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I feel….happy. Ever since he broke me I’ve never fallen for someone that way again. I’ve never felt that way for anyone but him. But with this guy…this amazing and charming guy…I feel things will work. I’ve broken hearts in the process of trying to find the right guy. Every time I’ve done that it [..more..]

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So one of my goals of the new year was to get a boyfriend. Yesterday, Valentines Day, that goal was accomplished. Everything happen so quickly. We’ve texted a few times and never’ve gotten to hang out outside of school. I sent an anonymous flower to his class yesterday and eventually he figured out it was [..more..]

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Dont Whatch me Disspare …

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Wednesday 15th February 2012


i miss him so much it hurts.. even though i am still young. it hurts becasuse i new i loved him and still do.. and ive waited soo long and still he hasent come back for me.. i look through his pics on facebook today for this first time in a long time.. and god [..more..]

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