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Thursday 6th October 2011


what the f*** are you supposed to do when you hate someone who is deceased?

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sitting here thinking about how immature everything has become…media (just watch one episode of john stewart and you almost want to scream when he starts with the news show sound bites, no matter what side you are on, they all look like idiots), leaderless leaders, an economy that will go nowhere for a long time, [..more..]

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Wednesday 5th October 2011


i can’t stop my self for thinking…, sick of it..its like jungle mind…always lot of things going on..people said i am good in calculations and work at office…,but need rest. just want to be careless for a while… i never wanna be a different but that’s the way i am..can’t help it. for example, from [..more..]

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Have you ever hurt so bad for someone else, you sit there shaking and can’t stop it? I want to help. I want to fix everything for him. But he’s stuck. You know, some people think depression is just sadness. It’s more than that. It affects every part of you. It is an actual medical [..more..]

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Tuesday 4th October 2011


im 20 and still dont know what im good for. guess ill keep searching

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Something’s I think am I worth people time. Honestly I want to know what I’m good that. I know I’m a b**** at times, but honestly I dont know who to trust. Well there could be like 2 or 3 people in mind I do trust. But I’m use to telling my stuff to a [..more..]

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I want to say thank you for life, for all that I’ve been gifted with – although I must acknowledge that I do not always recognise as much, deep inside I know it. I do not know of a deity that to me personally seems ‘true’, so I have nowhere to say this, other than [..more..]

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i just want this year to end quickly now. i have no job and feel as though my life has come to a complete stand still. like a wall in front of it. to high to climb and to big to knock down. i have no where to turn. this makes me un happy. i [..more..]

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Monday 3rd October 2011


i met this guy through some forumy place, i became friends with a group on there, and ended up getting close to one of the guys. eventually, we started ‘going out’ since we actually lived pretty close and met up a few times. then, he ended it suddenly and i was left a wreck, i’d [..more..]

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Why are you so f***ing stupid.

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