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Thursday 23rd February 2012


Life seems so pointless as I reach my time to tackle responsibility, as if everything in this world was so f***ing perfect.. Why am I expected to be someone, to do more then I feel necessary. It doesn’t seem right in the grand scheme of thing considering every time things start looking up more s*** [..more..]

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Friends……..well some friends just make you feel so happy like you can say and do anything you want (those are real friends) but then there are other friends you just make you feel like garbage but you still hang out with them because they just say or do something you really like (those are fake [..more..]

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Wednesday 22nd February 2012


I get extremely sad thinking about the odds of me actually becoming something and doing something with my life. It really does seem like you have to be white, rich a nice body(that does not mean skinny-yuck)or attractive to have any sort of chance in this world. I know I’m a great person that I [..more..]

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Every time when i do something wrong to my mom by ecsident sometimes io want to say a bad wrod to her and thats very bad the DEVIL is doing some thing to me and i hate it.I dont want to say it i just got bad mind.i wish i was a dancer but my [..more..]

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ive been thinking… would people cry if i die? my family doesnt really care, nor do i have friends. its a bad season in my life right now. i wish winter came.

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Tuesday 21st February 2012


Write your thoughts/feelings here…in this morning, i feel so gloomy,why few jobs are not being done??…..when my days will be changed? Ohh i feel so lonely i need your kindness my god,please mercy on me

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If you resent me for what I am not How can you love me for who I am

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I’m tired of being strong. I just want someone to hold me and smooth my hair while I cry enough water to fill a dried up lake.

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I’m sorry that I like the idea of having a boyfriend more than I like you. I wish it would work, but it never will.

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you made fun of him at the dance and told me how glad i was to not have gone with him, but secretly, i wished i was with him.

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